Monday, 12 November 2007

The (Finnish) Kitchen re-opens

So here we are a week or so later safely settled into Helsinki and the Kitchen is in action once again. We were lucky that our stuff only arrived one day behind us as we were able to live quite well quite quickly again. Helsinki has been a bit of a revelation after Trondheim in terms of getting the Kitchen going again. Within a few days some chicken had been roasted which really laid the path for some damn find chicken stock to be on hand when the time comes to make a decent risotto.

I am massively excited to have discovered a japanese shop in town which seems to have every ingredient you could wish for if a Japanese meal is on your menu plan. So far we've made a little mackrell with it's skin salted and then grilled served on some sticky rice...who said food needed to be high and fancy to be good. It was never written here and the kitchen does not subscribe to such nonsense.

I must admit that the finnish language poses some challenges but today I learnt what bread and butter is. I know what meat is so it's only a matter of time before we are getting to the good fancy mushrooms down in the market and talking with the stall owners like old pros.....hahaha.