Friday, 25 January 2008

I'm not there

A movie I saw last night. A movie that I really enjoyed. It wasn't an easy movie and it did open itself up to the charge of being overlong and over clever but as a movie that sought to celebrate the enigma (rather than expose it to the light) of who/what/why Bob Dylan is/has been/should have been it did well. I am, by my own admission, a fan but only one with a working knowledge of his best known songs, a rudimentary knowledge of his biography, an earlier viewing of Martin Scorcesses documentary from 2 years ago and I've read Biograhies vol 1 once.

Cate Blanchett was stunningly androgynous (I'm going to regret not checking the spelling of that word in the dictionary before publishing) and as asexual as her role as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings. Which, given my opinion that she is a beautiful woman makes me worry about myself slightly...does any of the above count as a recommendation to see this movie?? I think so.


So the Kitchen has been closed forever. Maybe it was the dark Finnish winter or something but I didn't feel I had a lot to say. However earlier this week I managed to get excitied about a quick stir fry I did.

Serves 2 (with left overs for a lunch)
Vegetable oil
Seasame seed oil
Soy sauce
Sambal Olek (or crushed chillies)
Chinese Cabbage
Half a pepper
400g Udon Noodles
Poppy seeds (to garnish)

Do these tasks before you begin cooking:
Chop up a few cloves of garlic and a good knob of ginger. Put in a ramekin.
Shred cabbage
Cut up celery - I halved it lengthway and then cut across it at an angle - I wanted ot to look different to the cabbage
Slice the pepper thinly
Chop mushrooms

Heat the vegetable oil and add a drop of the seasame seed oil. When hot hot hot add half the garlic and ginger and fry the cabbage so it wilts. Take out of the pan and put in a bowl.

Put the noodles in boiling water.
Check oil in the wok is hot enough and add the rest of the garlic, ginger plus chillis to tast. Stir fry the remaining vegetables. Add the noodles once cooked so they are coated in the chilli, garlicky goodness.

To serve put noodles and vegetables in a bowl and sprinkle with poppy seeds (or seasame seeds if you prefer). Top with the cabbage. Season with soy if needed and enjoy.

Should be leftovers for one good lunch portion as well.


We have some basil that is desperate to be used today so I will be making some Pesto later. It is simple to do and tastes divine and even if you're pushed for time and everything else is ready made, a bit of home made pesto can elevate your meal. Try it.


Until next time. Waste nothing.