Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hee Haw!!

Another week has passed in snowy Helsinki and the days are getting longer which makes me happy. However my workaholic tendencies seem to be getting more extreme and not less. I have been doing crazy things like agreeing to extra meetings at both ends of the day and then bringing work home and carrying on. I'm not happy with this and spoke to my boss yesterday about it and while it is up to me to sort out at least I'm not sitting on it and letting it fester. Off to Sweden today with work and back on Wednesday morning, found out yesterday that one place we're going to visit is 4hrs drive each way from where we are staying. Time to pack the iPod and a good book I think.

Having basically said "oh woe is me" in the paragraph above I must confess to being a glass half full kind of person. Therefore it should not surprise anyone that after an excellent movie, a beer (or two) and a good night's sleep this boy's view of the world is back to super positive. I'm all boyscouty this morning and ready for whatever insane challenges may come. I have a worrying tendency to spout positive claptrap in English and unsurprisingly most of the Finnish I seem to be learning seems to be in this vein as well. Time to seek professional help!!! I digress, so back to the beer and movie. Unfortunately I didn't make the Thursday Night Movie Club this week but am definately going next week. Instead the boss and I settled back and watched "It's a wonderful life" instead. It's not one I would watch everyday but once in a while it's excellent to let it's magic work on your tired bones.

Pad Thai Noodles a la Monkey House Kitchen.

This week I managed to get into the Kitchen and make a Pad Thai Noodles my style (for this week at least). I hope you try it and that it tastes good.

If I have never spelt it out before I do believe that recipes are guidelines only. They are there to be adapted, pushed, pulled, bullied, loved but not necessarily obeyed. So never be afraid to wing it. After all, that way you will waste less and things will be tastier.

Thai fish sauce
Lime Juice
Palm Sugar
Dried prawns (in boiling water)
Onion (or spring onions)
Vermicelli noodles
2 beaten eggs
Bean sprouts
Unroasted peanuts crushed in a pestle and mortar

Make sure everything is prepared before you start this - you will not have time to do it once the cooking starts!

Soak the noodles in boiling water for 10 minutes, then drain and have ready.
Put some oil in a wok
When hot add some of the chilli
Fry the prawns and mushrooms and set aside
Put in the rest of the chilli plus the garlic, onions, dried prawns (and water), fish sauce and palm sugar and lime juice.
After a short while add the noodles, mushrooms and prawns
Mix well
Add the beaten egg and leave for 2 minutes or so for the egg to set
Garnish with peanuts and bean sprouts

Until next time waste nothing and have fun!

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Livet i Finlandighet said...

Sweeney Todd was good, it's a shame you missed it. I saw Deb signed you guys up for Cloverfield this week, if you're not doing anything for Easter you should try to join us for Hallam Foe as well :)
Have fun in Sverige!