Sunday, 28 September 2008

A postcard on autumn

Autumn is well and truly here in Finland. The trees are turning yellow and we are enjoying bright sunny, breezy days that make it a pleasure to be outside. The Boss and I went off towards Sipoo today and have spent an excellent few hours pottering around the forest finding edible mushrooms. We got a good haul compared to our last few outings. We have a box full of Hedgehog fungus a couple of chanterelles and some suspected wood blewits and millers. The last two need testing to confirm our guess but otherwise all will end up in the pot this evening!

Last night there was a staff party which involved quite a lot of (free) beer and I enjoyed myself a lot. I had been quite quiet during the day and had been feeling the party might be a bit of chore but in the end there was a good atmosphere and I relaxed a lot.

At work it has been busy and in the kitchen it has been busy. We've been using the usual mix of everything and left overs. The chilis are ripening nicely and so are the tomatoes so I expect lots of them will be used in ever more inventive ways over the next few weeks.

Blogging will be light for the forseeable future as we have a(nother) major international review at work in 3 weeks time and I intend to be a very focused work bunny until it comes to its (successful) conclusion.

After performing spore print tests on the unidentified mushrooms we are able to say the blewits are definately not blewits. The Miller remains unidentified as the spore print was so poor.


C said...

May I say I am very glad you decided to test the shrooms and not just eat them? :)

Oh, and I had a look at the Swedish PimpYourIKEA page, and you just won yourself some fuel, my friend :D

Pebble said...


C said...

So, is your car feeling better these days?