Sunday, 7 February 2010

This is your destiny calling

I have to admit how much I love Calvin & Hobbes. I found this one on the internet and it sums up perfectly what is happening to my life now with the little one. I am becoming Calvin's dad. I am not entirely sure this is a good thing.

It dawned on me that this process was happening when I was cycling to work in the snow and thewind on a horrible morning and being very happy with myself because it was such a healthy thing to be doing. At that moment I was hit by the thunderbolt of Calvin's dadness. I had to stop and laugh out loud, which on the street in Finland on a February morning is to risk a visit to the local psychiatrist.
The fact that I was dressed exactly like Calvin's dad in the cartoon above did not help.

Not content with this terrifying development I went cross
country skiing yesterday. I though I was doing a gentle 7km. 15km later I was a tired but happy Calvin's dad. I have since heard of a 40km trail that goes over the sea ice in and around Turku Harbour. Sounds good, I should reach my optimal heart rate in no time and it is so good to be out on these cold days.

*Calvin & Hobbes is the work and property of the wonderful Bill Watterson. All images here belong to him. Except the ski track! Thanks to James for the song title.

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