Monday, 15 March 2010

Al Andalus

Apologies for light blogging recently. Work has been busy, so has raising a family and we have been in Spain on holiday. We took the heir to the empire to Ronda which we found to be very impressive. Her verdict was to fall asleep in her pushchair. She was more impressed with the sea in a kind of, "hmm what is this?" kind of way.

The highlight of the trip was that she loved being with Grandma and Gramps and to see how they all played together was great. There were many shrieks of delight from Daddy's little werewolf (long story don't ask) which were lovely to hear. I hope when she goes to visit her Grandpa and Nanna in England next month that they all have as much silly fun together.

We shall start taking her to swimming classes this weekend which I am excited about, and a little nervous, mostly because I would like her to enjoy it and because the course comes with two pages of instructions in Finnish detailing what to do, when to do it and who to notify. It honestly seems more complicated than my tax return which can't be right. Our first challenge is to find her a pair of swimming shoes. Although as work is about to be super silly for the rest of the week with 3 commercial reviews and a day of meetings culminating in one about my future, when I shall have time to help in finding said swimming shoes is something only the almighty knows.

So it does mean that blogging will continue to be light for a little while.
Please do keep coming back, there will be more soon. I promise!

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