Thursday, 8 April 2010

Wedding bells

Friends of ours are getting married this weekend and we will be spending as much time celebrating with them as the little one allows. She has been a little inconsistent in her sleeping habits recently, although 4am seems to feature quite highly. The kitchen has been busy with making easy meals to keep the sleep deprived parents going. It feels more like a petrol station than a kitchen right now. It will of course change in the future and is just a stage we all have to get through. The amazing thing is that the munchkin is still quite bright and happy all day long.

We did manage to make a lovely lamb recipe from Jamie Oliver's first cook book. It was very tasty but somehow it seemed to be very simple in a way that is maybe not good. Does that mean we've all come a long way with our expectations in the kitchen as to the authenticity of what we cook? I'd like to think so. Whatever the truth I'm not blaming Jamie (he will no doubt be relieved!).

More soonish

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