Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Chutney is special

There. I think that sums it up.

No only joking.

OK lets get to the point. Curry. Tonight we made Rose Elliot's vegetarian curry from her book Fast, Fresh and Fabulous. I'm not given to too much over dramatising generally but it was rubbish.

Sorry Rose but it's a fact.

If I can state my tuppence worth it would go something like this.

Curry needs spices, aroma, and a real flavour. Yes this was meant to be something quick, easy to make after a hard day at work but that's no excuse for omitting the basics. Fortunately we saved the day with the timely injection of some Harissa and some spicy poppadums.

Never trust a curry recipe that lacks spices in the ingredients because it will lack taste in the eating.

Still it won't be wasted. The leftovers will probably be put to use in a soup.

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