Monday, 28 May 2007

Lesson learnt

Apologies for my absence I've been lucky enough to have been in Barcelona with work which by the most charitable measures would have to count as a great big jolly. If you've never been I recommend it, however for a city that was meant to epitomise food only the main market off Las Ramblas really shouted about being in a different league.

Back in mid Norway the sun is with us an increasing amount of time and it's presence is amazing. The other night we watched the sun go down at 10.30pm knowing it would be back up again before 4am. We're also tuning into to how far it has travelled since the dark days of December to where it is today. It's odd that something so mundane (it happens everyday right?) as the sun going down can have such a profound influence and you know that these really are the days of our lives.

Anyway I digress towards the flamboyant.

I've learnt two reallt good things this week - first keep cooking Japanese food it's tasty and the whole idea of presentation to take the food to another level is finally sinking in. This time I grilled some Salmon fillets that I had cut in 3 after they had been marinated in sake, soy sauce, mirin and lemon. I served it with some simple rice but managed to find a mould to shape the rice and it worked. I think it is probably the first time that I realised that photos might work on the blog. Although there is something a bit, you know, show offy by putting photos on but I just need to learn how to put them up there and get on with it!

The other thing was we had a BBQ this evening - I managed to wait almost long enough (I'm a boy, I'm pathologically incapable of being completely patient) before starting to cook and the results were good.

Lamb Cutlets
4 x lamb cutlets

Marinade in olive oil, red wine, thyme, oregano, paprika - the longer the better.

Sweetcorn - do not think it is a good idea to wrap in foil and add basil to the butter, trust me it actually detracts from the corn. Maybe there is something that works but it isn't basil. Isn't that wierd? Basil is wonderful after all. Ho hum. Still I suppose Spiderman 3 was on paper...

Moving house this week, then I have a week in Spain so will probably be very quiet.

Don't waste anything remember leftovers are tomorrows tasty meal.

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