Monday, 24 September 2007

Out of the Kitchen to Hoth

Soon it will be time to shut the Kitchen down and move it to Helsinki. Before that happens we will have a few weekends when things are quiet to get out and see a little of Norway before the year runs away with us.

Just to show how far things are advanced here I've included a photo from a wedding we attended at the weekend. We had a chance to take a quick walk before the ceremony and I've since discovered we were wandering over pretty much most of the film locations used in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Walking is one of my passions along with cooking and a spell away from the Kitchen can be a real good way to get yourself enthused again.

Tomorrow night I'm going to make a simple turnip soup. I kind of figured it out in my head earlier today and then did the research and I was very close. It's part of what I'm striving for in the Kitchen - a store of knowledge about the food we eat so that no matter what ingredients land in front of me something tasty, something worth sharing with friends, something comforting, somthing nurishing will come out. The simple stuff and the fancy stuff, it all needs to come from within, the recipe book in front needs to be less important than the knowledge in your head.

So if this turnip soup works well I'll be heading out for another walk.

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Deb said...

And may these turnips have come from the garden and so be super fresh and have about 20 metres of non- combustion engine food miles attached to them? Along with no chemicals?