Monday, 18 February 2008

Seahorse dreams

I have a day off today and am enjoying taking it easy. There will be some more coffee drunk later and a wander into Helsinki.

I've been meaning to post for a little while on a completely unrelated food topic - the as yet untitled 3rd album project from Pebble. I know the working title is Olympic 52 at the moment but that just sounds like a giant Hollywood movie giving itself a fake name so as to avoid attention.

This project has been a long time in the works, the move to Norway and now Finland have delayed any real work but now I have a nice space here in Helsinki all I need is some time and some inspiration!! What I know is this:

This is a sad song and yet hopeful for the future. I am always struck over and over again how people can get themselves in all sorts of emotional knots and yet one day spring out of them and face the future with renewed hope. I have a few nice chords so this should be a keeper.
*Captain Jessica Fantastic
This one has some killer chords and a bright upbeat style of early REM but (damn that 'but') I've used the old trick of taking two songs and compacting them together to make a single more interesting song and the joins are a little too obvious right now and I haven't solved it...yet.
This one was originally started in 1997 and not finished until a few weeks ago. I have always loved the first line, "I crashed and burned with an actress in a pub on Drury Lane." I really did crash and burn when I tried to chat her up and that was the start of a wild, wild night. The rest of the song doesn't deal with that evening at all. It's done as a song.
Beautiful riff, goes in all sorts of interesting directions. Absolute no idea what is going on. I think I'll have to record it and hope some words arrive.

They are the songs with something real going on. There are a few other chord sequences and melodies floating around including a stray line about the Cat who used to live next door to us in Malvik, Norway which are too good to drop but still homeless.


"It began without words, they came later and made things worse, not better."

This is the first line from my new novel. The problem is this is the only thing I remember from my dream last night. What is the book about? Why can't I remember?

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