Saturday, 16 February 2008

When you're big in Japan

It's a beautiful morning and the coffee is good and I am in an uncharateristic manner blogging twice in as many days and I haven't even got round to writing about how the songwriting is going.

This morning's post is about food so read on and please begin to drool discretely.

My boss is coming round for dinner on Sunday en familie and I promised Japanese food. This was OK until he mentioned his wife doesn't eat fish and he loves sushi. Here in the kitchen we love sushi and enjoy making it, it's one thing we're quite good at (souffles are something I am bad at but that is another post!). So I know I can make a few old favourites using avocado and cucumber. I also have begun to understand the battleship principle so have bought some fish roe to experiment with. However in an act of imagination I want to create some kind of courgette battleship where grilled julienne strips of courgette replaced the seaweed. The filling would then be some cream cheese with fresh dill. My challenge is to get the rice and the courgette to bond like the seaweed does. Finally we're employing the principle of lots of little dishes to make a balanced meal. So here is the menu for tomorrow's food:

Miso soup (made with home made dashi stock)
Inside out avocado rolls
Salmon nigiri
Fish roe battleships
Grilled courgette battleships with dill and cream cheese
Hijiki seaweed balls
Red and yellow cherry tomatoes in a soy dressing
Carrot salad
Mushrooms and pickles
Leeks in sweet chilli sauce
Pickled plums

Green tea cheesecake


The kitchen is open for reservations!!

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