Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Egg fried rice

I feel like Betrand Russell. Well sort of. Egg fried rice is one of those dishes that I love to cook. Generally it involves leftovers and I always cook too much rice for other meals to give myself a reason to make it. However it does present challenges...how do they get it the way they do in good (and bad) chinese restaurants? Maybe Ken Hom doesn't let all his secrets out of the bag???

So tonight it was egg fried rice, no meat and an attempt to avoid Chinese 5 spice. Yes, it is a useful seasoning but it can get a bit repetive so here's my take for tonight.

1x red onion
1x red pepper
4x spring onion
2x mushrooms
6x cherry tomatoes
All chopped and fried in vegetable oil adulderated with seasame oil, tabasco and some kind of thai chicken powder.

The rice was a mixture of vinegared sushi rice and basamiti rice.
The egg mixture was
3x beaten eggs
1x dash soy
1x dash sesame
1x dash water

You can guess the rest.
Yes it wasn't classy but it was tasty and after a long day at work and a cycle ride home it was a touch of easy soul food. Oh by the way serve with some expensive red wine and make like you're Anthoiny Bordain....

Sometimes it is good to turn on the fancy stuff for no one but yourself and sometimes it's fun to relax. Just don't buy frozen pizza. Ever.

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