Friday, 20 April 2007

Sort of

My father was and probably still is a great soup maker. His soups are not some recipe effort in fact if a recpie exists it goes along the lines of

See what is a leftover.
Blend to make a soup.

I know it comes from his experiences growing up in the 2nd world war and experiencing a shortage of food. He doesn't waste anything and in a funny way he has influenced me. I have never known how it feels to go without food. I have always had enough money to go and buy food. I can buy strange, exotic food and take time with it.

However I've moved countries recently and am now living on one wage. Sort of but that's another story. So for one strange reason or another I fancied a week of eating healthily. So far we've had

*Miso soup with aubergines - the dashi stock was home made and it was good.
*Thai bean cakes with noodles - see an earlier entry for more on them

It was a sort of potato and broccoli soup.

I used some left over stock from an earlier meat dish, cooked some potatoes and some broccoli and blended them till they were almost creamed. Combined. Served.

Today for lunch I went back to the remainders and added cream, not too much, a little paprika, some soy sauce and some bacony lardons style things. The result was a much more wholesome, tasty, a la Dad soup.

Tomorrow will be some sort of spicy sqaush surprise...maybe there'll be leftovers. Maybe there'll be soup. Sort of.

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Deb said...

Sounds tasty - do you ever put pasta and bacon in soup?